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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Okay...=) RANTS!people,,,worst thing that ever hit me...this rashes allergy called "feng mo"? hs been gg n for the past few days now healed already i'm like sobbing everyday.This cursed thing is damn BLOODY itchy! it looks like mosQ bites all over me hands,leg,stomach! eew! Saw the eng doc he didn't know what was that,went to c my popo whuse this medical herb xpert and she told me it was the feng thing by which i can't hit cold air my body too cooling! haha! So i listened wrapped myself n long sleeve tees and pants! OK!Well,i love my popo more now haha!She cured me with he chinese ways andstuff WORKING now! YES! u saw it right wendy! working at ski 360 at ecp..doind ticketing and mending the bikinis and swimwears boards...yaya..alota flirty people there.customers esp! Haha,met this regular whose gg laselle too this aug! gr8!got a laselle bud now hha! How fortuante well,My days been tiring! Can come find me and chiill ok! FRIENDS??lol..

Takecare people
ouh online shop doing alrite! praise god haha!
Support me yuh!

P.S Sentosa trip on this at (iris bday too) msg me !
love Chers

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